Zoomer features Viviscal with Dr. Laura Berman

by Viviscal on March 24th, 2017

Viviscal is featured in this April 2017 issue of Zoomer magazine in an interview with New York Times best-selling author Dr. Laura Berman who discusses the very important relationship between hair, sex, and confidence. In her long on-going research, the link between women’s levels of confidence is directly reflected upon their feelings about their outward, physical appearance. Generally, when women are more satisfied with their looks, they tend to be more confident. So it is not surprising that we feel extra peppy on a good hair day!

On the other side of the spectrum, we observe that confidence suffers when women are unsatisfied about their appearance. In fact, “more than one in four women have cancelled a date or social plans because of a bad hair day” says Berman in the interview. Hair loss or hair thinning can be a result of many reasons—stress, hormonal fluctuations, age, over-styling, etc. So how can we combat these constant bad hair days?   Viviscal Extra Strength supplements nourish your hair, making it look thicker, fuller, and healthier.

“Viviscal works to prolong growth cycles, stop shedding and thicken the hair shaft itself” says Leanne Delap of Zoomer magazine. It’s a hair solution backed up by A-list celebrity testimonials, scientific research, and top tier experts like Dr. Laura Berman to help you gain a boost of confidence in yourself and in your hair!