Yahoo Canada recommends Viviscal for thinning hair

by Viviscal Canada on January 6th, 2015

“There’s a life-changing beauty moment in the lives of many women that’s bigger than finding your first gray hair” states Yahoo Canada’s beauty writer Kristen Booker, and that is “the moment you discover your hair is thinning”.
While it may be a difficult topic to approach, Booker finds solutions to combat hair loss in her article “Tips for Women with Thinning Hair” which raves about Viviscal as an effective, cost-efficient solution!

Most hair loss cases are associated with men, however at least one-third of women in their lifetime also experience hair loss as a result of environmental and biological factors. Viviscal can help combat this, by supplying vital nutrients, including a unique blend of vitamins and minerals, promoting healthier, thicker and fuller looking hair.

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