Viviscal Recommended in Vogue February 2011

by Viviscal Canada on February 1st, 2011
In Vogue’s February 2011 issue, celebrity hair stylists talk about Viviscal and how it has benefited their clients:If you simply want more hair, and naturally so, that’s where
Finnish dietary supplement Viviscal comes into play. ‘I first
heard of it from a model whose hair was overcolored,
tremendously damaged,’ says Redken editorial whiz Guido
Palau. (Which model? Palau is vexingly discreet at this point.)
‘She started taking it, and when I saw her six month later, I
was blown away by how much healthier her hair was and
how long it had grown. Tons of the girls take it now.’ The 100
percent natural pill is made of a proprietary complex of fish
proteins that ramp up the body’s production of keratin. It’s
been shown to decrease hair loss and encourage new hair
growth, and it has a similarly nourishing effect on skin and
nails.’It’s really , really great – I recommend it all the time,’
seconds veteran stylist and Orlo salon owner Orlando Pita.
‘I’ve never once had someone come back and tell me, ‘you
know what, I’ve been using this, but it doesn’t seem to be
working on me.’