Viviscal and Darrell Redleaf on Flow Radio

by Viviscal Canada on September 11th, 2015

Celebrity hairstylist Darrell Redleaf, who works with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood such as Selena Gomez and Scarlett Johansson, chats with Flow Radio about Viviscal as the greatest hair tip for stronger, healthier looking hair.
“Because I work in television and movies, I work with actors’ and actresses’ hair every single day.  You know, on a TV show you’re styling your hair every single day for 9 months.  Imagine…you don’t have any hair left after doing that.  You got to do everything you can to support that hair!” explains Darrell.  “When I found out about Viviscal, I was like ‘wow’, this is a pill you take that grows your hair”!

Take it from Darrell, when your hair gets styled and teased every day, you need that extra support from the inside out.  Viviscal is an amazing hair supplement that helps your hair become thicker and fuller—promoting less breakage.
“I have really seen it work wonders.  It not only keeps hair on your head longer, but is also creates new hair growth”!