Speedy Hair Growth Now

by Viviscal Canada Hair Expert on July 5th, 2017
How to speed hair growth for longer hair

For speedy hair growth during the anagen (growing) phase of the hair growth cycle, take a good look at your lifestyle, food and vitamin intake, and make sure you’re using the optimal hair products. In some cases, minoxidil products may also revitalize slow to grow hair.

Almost all (about 90%) of human hair follicles are in the growing stage (known as the anagen phase) of the hair growth cycle at any given time. Most of the remaining follicles are in the resting stage, which is called the telogen phase. And a minimal number of follicles are in the transition phase (catagen) or the new hair phase (exogen).

Stimulating hair growth during the anagen phase doesn’t have to be a mystery — we’ve got answers for you.

The Best Diet for Speedy Hair Growth

Follow the right steps to create an environment in which your hair can grow quickly. To increase the rate of your hair growth, ensure that you are being mindful of your diet.

As the old adage goes, “What goes in will come out!”

Protein for Hair Growth

The best hair growth diet will center each meal around a protein. The more protein you eat in your diet, the healthier your hair will be, and the more quickly your hair will grow.

Marine proteins — like those found in salmon, shrimp, and shellfish — contain the necessary amino acids and enzymes to help activate hair growth and promote hair health. Protein shakes and other lean meats can also up your protein intake, although they are missing the omega 3 fatty acids found in marine proteins, which is what makes seafood so good for your hair growth.

In addition to protein, make sure you’re getting all your essential vitamins and nutrients.

Iron & Vitamin D

Eating dark leafy greens can improve your iron intake, and getting out in the sun provides you with vitamin D. Both of these nutrients are essential for speedy hair growth.

Supplement Your Hair Growth Diet with Hair Growth Supplements

If you’ve optimized your diet and are still lacking key hair growth nutrients, add a hair growth supplement to your daily vitamin routine.

A hair growth-boosting vitamin creates conditions in the body that facilitate an environment that boosts and maintains rapid hair growth.

You can buy hair, skin, and nails vitamins specifically, find a multivitamin that works for you, or create your own supplement routine that works for you and your hair. The best multivitamins will also contain minerals that stimulate your hair follicles, such as zinc and iron. Niacin and other B vitamins and, of course, vitamin C are all critical to hair follicle health too.

Grow a Winning Hair Care Routine

Along with optimizing your diet and supplement intake, you need to balance your hair health from the outside as well.

The proper shampoo will go a long way in promoting healthy-looking hair growth with less damage and breakage. A good shampoo should contain both biotin and keratin. These shampoo ingredients add elasticity and sheen to hair. They also help to strengthen the hair strand, minimizing breakage to promote fast hair growth.

More Best Practices for Fast Hair Growth

Essential oils, protective hairstyles, vitamins and keeping your body hydrated (eight glasses of water per day!) also promote quick, healthy hair growth.

Get regular trims to remove split ends. This will volumize and strengthen hair, reducing hair breakage and creating a good environment for healthy and speedy hair growth.

Achieve rapid hair growth and see your best hair ever by changing your diet or taking hair growth supplements. Plus, choose the best hair care products for the outside of your hair and follow a few basic best practices for healthy hair growth.

Whether you simply want to boost your hair health, or find a treatment for recent hair loss, eat a protein-rich diet, take supplements and follow an excellent growth-focused hair care routine with specialized products to get on track to a fuller, more beautiful head of hair!