CTV Morning Live Ottawa features Viviscal

by Viviscal Canada on January 27th, 2015

Viviscal was featured on CTV Morning Live on a segment about hair loss and thinning with registered dietitian Ciara Foy. In her presentation, Ciara raves about Viviscal as an awesome 100% drug-free product that she recommends to all her clients.  “It’s fantastic and nourishes from the inside-out” explains Ciara while discussing the benefits of natural […]

Moms Makeup Stash features Viviscal

by Viviscal Canada on January 18th, 2015

Viviscal was featured in Mom’s Makeup Stash with blogger Sandra D. who excitedly writes about her new six month journey with Viviscal! “Although I do my best to protect my hair from over-processing and heat styling it can look dull… and has decided that it will not grow beyond a certain point” says Sandra.  As […]

View the Vibe magazine calls Viviscal a hair miracle!

by Viviscal Canada on January 10th, 2015

After chopping off her thin, lifeless hair, Nicki Laborie, writer for View the Vibe magazine, praised the effects of Viviscal. In her review, she described Viviscal as her “miracle hair growth pill” that was not only responsible for growing her hair back at a rapid speed, but also for making it stronger, fuller, and healthier.  […]