Viviscal and Darrell Redleaf on Flow Radio

by Viviscal Canada on September 11th, 2015

Celebrity hairstylist Darrell Redleaf, who works with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood such as Selena Gomez and Scarlett Johansson, chats with Flow Radio about Viviscal as the greatest hair tip for stronger, healthier looking hair. “Because I work in television and movies, I work with actors’ and actresses’ hair every single day.  You […]

Global News at Noon features Viviscal

by Viviscal Canada on September 10th, 2015

Global News at Noon introduced celebrity hairstylist Darrell Redleaf onto their set during the Toronto International Film Festival to talk about the season’s latest hair trends.  Old Hollywood hair is back and making sure your hair is smooth and touchable is a must!  The way to achieve this look, gushes Darrell, is with Viviscal— “it […]

Darrell Redleaf on CP24 features Viviscal

by Viviscal Canada on September 10th, 2015

During the Toronto International Film Festival, celebrity hair stylist Darrell Redleaf spoke with CP24 at the Templar Hotel about Viviscal as one of this season’s greatest Hollywood hair obsessions!  You want your hair to be softer, brighter, touchable, and movable for any glamour look.  This is why Darrell gushes about Viviscal— “The key secret to […]