Marilyn Denis calls Viviscal a “Miracle Hair Product”

by Viviscal Canada on September 11th, 2013
As seen on the Merilyn Denis show, Viviscal featured as a hair healing remedy, where Merilyn Denis herself called Viviscal a “Miracle Hair Product.”Beauty Expert Jill Dunn explained to Merilyn Denis and the audience about Viviscal, “You’re going to be trying to grow the hair from the inside out if you have a lot of thinning…I like Viviscal and this is the one that a lot of celebrities use…It just promotes hair growth. Miley Cyrus just said she’s using it to help grow out her pixie cut.”Jill then continued to explain the scientific efficacy of Viviscal, “The results are proven, they are scientifically proven to promote existing hair growth.”

Jill mentioned that Viviscal is great for people who are experiencing a lot of stress in their lives, not only that, Viviscal is a great hair supplement for everyone. “Even if you don’t have any hair problems, it makes your hair so shiny because of the marine complex that is in it,” says Jill.

At the end of the segment Marilyn Denis gave everyone in the audience a pack of Viviscal, calling it a “Miracle Hair Product.””