The Kit: Building Your Hair with Viviscal!

by Viviscal on April 23rd, 2016

Sunny days are on the way so not only is it time to get your body in good shape, but it’s time to get your hair in shape too!  Viviscal was featured in The Kit, where beauty writer Alex Laws discussed five top ways to lift thin locks to greater volume in her article titled “Haircare Body Building”.

While immediate hair care tricks such as colour contouring, layering, and blow drying are aesthetically satisfactory, they’re not solutions for the long term.  As Laws states in her article, “the long game for achieving fuller hair is growing more hair—and holding on to what you have”.  Getting your hair in shape means starting from within and that’s where Viviscal supplements can help!

Viviscal builds on biotin with other growth boosters, including iron, vitamin C, and AminoMar C, a protein compound made from marine extracts, inspired by the traditional fish-rich Inuit diet.

This perfect blend of nutrients help build thicker, fuller looking hair and decreases the amount of shedding experienced by the user.  Now that’s haircare body building!