Jessica Mulroney Recommends Viviscal with Toronto Sun!

by Viviscal Canada on February 19th, 2016

Before we know it, wedding season will be just around the corner and brides need all the tips they can get to be wedding-ready.  That’s why Bridal expert Jessica Mulroney, wife of Etalk host Ben Mulroney, talks to Toronto Sun about the best ways to prepare for the big day.
Saying ‘yes’ is just the start, “as soon as the ring comes on, start preparing” says Mulroney—because beauty and glamour takes a bit of extra work!  They say find the perfect dress that suits the venue, and you’ve got to get the perfect hair to complete the dress!  How do you achieve this?  Well you should “start from the inside out.  Eat well and start taking great supplements like Viviscal for your hair” recommends Mulroney.

Viviscal is great for getting wedding-ready because it’s a simple way to achieve thicker, fuller, more beautiful looking hair.  All it takes is one supplement, twice a day—an easy step to add to any wedding beauty regime!