Hello Magazine October 2012

by Viviscal Canada on October 1st, 2012
In its October 29th 2012 issue, Hello! Magazine asks John Donato of Toronto-based Donato Salons & Spa on how to put an end to thinning hair:
“Stop Skimpy Strands: As we age, the individual hair follicles shrink – some say about 30 per cent – which means hair looks less full overall. To balance this, use densifying products that will plump each individual hair. ‘Coloring or highlighting hair is also beneficial’ says John. ‘Since the coloring process opens up the hair shaft, it swells the strands and you get the appearance of thicker hair.’ You can also fight thinning hair from the inside out. Protein-packed supplements will optimize hair growth and help you keep the hair you have for longer. Losing hair is normal – everyone drops about 100 hairs per day based on the natural hair growth cycle – but hair that falls out in big clumps can be a sign of a health issue, so consult your doctor.”Hello Magazine October 2012