Glow Magazine Health Editor tries Viviscal

by Viviscal Canada on April 1st, 2013
Glow Magazine Health Editor Lisa Hannam speaks about her Viviscal JourneyIn the May issue of Glow, Health Editor Lisa Hannam wanted to convert her thin hair back to its former thick glory by taking Viviscal (click here to view: “Glow Magazine’s Lisa Hannam starts her Viviscal Journey” glow-magazines-lisa-hannam-starts-her-viviscal-journey”). Now three months later, Lisa speaks about how Viviscal has helped her hair: ‘I didn’t realize the impact of the supplements…until I saw my mother. “Your hair looks thicker,” she told me. “You can tell it’s working because your hair looks thicker on top. With thin hair you can see the scalp.” I noticed less strands coming out in the shower, and more and more people commented me on my hair.
Here’s a before and after picture of Lisa’s hair://

Check out Lisa’s thicker and glossier locks! Lisa’s hair before she started her Viviscal journey. Right, Lisa’s hair after three months of taking Viviscal hair supplements twice a day.

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