Elevate Magazine: Viviscal for positive well-being

by Viviscal Canada on January 2nd, 2015

Physical appearance and self-esteem are positively correlated.  Thus, is it ever a wonder as to why hair loss and thinning may cause people to feel low and discouraged?Elevate magazine reveals how Viviscal may just be the perfect answer for thick, lustrous looking hair and positive well-being!

“Viviscal is a hair nourishment system” says beauty author Amanpreet Dhami, “that works to provide proteins needed for hair growth”.  In the first few months of using Viviscal, it is found that there is up to a 57% increase in hair growth and 80% after six months.  With such impressive results, it is without surprise that users display an increase in self-esteem and an “increased quality of life”.

Amanpreet Dhami finishes the article emphasizing not only how Viviscal gives you thicker, stronger hair, but also how it has a positive impact on skin quality and nail strength.