CTV Morning Live Features Viviscal with Melody Lafelice

by Viviscal Canada on February 19th, 2016

CTV Morning Live welcomed beauty expert Melody Iafelice on a segment called “5 Ways to Healthy Hair” to introduce ways to achieve strong, gorgeous locks!  Among the great hair tips in this segment, Melody gushes about Viviscal

“It’s a 100% drug free hair nourishment system and what’s amazing about this is just two tablets—one in the morning and one in the evening and you have that consistent source of nutrients of AminoMar C, a marine complex, along with Vitamin C and natural Silica.  All those work together and it’s been researched in clinical studies for the perfect blend…this is created strictly for you hair!”

Get to the root of the problem, Viviscal is the solution to thicker, fuller, and stronger looking hair and it “works from the inside out!” says Iafelice.