Chatelaine features Viviscal for Healthy Hair Tips

by Viviscal on January 28th, 2017

Chatelaine’s online style and beauty writer, Tara MacInnis highlights celebrity hair stylist Mark Townsend’s top beauty hair tips for keeping your hair healthy and happy for 2017 and Viviscal is one of them!

“Healthy hair is not a trend that’s going away anytime soon. This isn’t the 80’s or 90’s” quotes MacInnis from Townsend’s interview—and it’s true!

Among his greatest hair tips—using dry shampoo, finding a good washing regimen, getting good haircuts and blowouts, etc., Viviscal is the one hair tip that targets healthy hair from the inside out, making sure that your hair gets all the nutrients for thicker, fuller looking hair.

He says—

I am obsessed with Viviscal, I had two clients who had to shave their heads for films, and I told them about it. One took it and the other didn’t, and the one who did take it—her hair really grew out faster, thicker and healthier across the board. For me, I’m trying told on to every hair on my head because I have a thinning hairline, so I take Viviscal every day.