Beauty Resolutions on BT Montreal!

by Viviscal on January 5th, 2017

Beauty expert Chantel Guertin was on Breakfast Television Montreal discussing healthy hair with Viviscal for this year’s beauty resolutions!

Viviscal is a hair nourishment supplement that is 100% drug free, Guertin explains—

I like that because there isn’t anything else in the market like that. You’re going to take this twice a day and in 3-6 months you’re going to get thicker, fuller looking hair! It has biotin, iron, zinc, in it [and] there’s 50% more AminoMar C™, our active ingredient.

Viviscal hair nourishment system has the perfect combination of ingredients to help your hair look beautifully thicker, fuller, and healthier from the inside out.

Complete the system and protect your hair from heat and styling with Viviscal’s topical line including our Densifying Shampoo, Conditioner, and Elixir. The topical line “has natural ingredients like AnaTel™ which is made from grape seeds and pea sprouts” says Guertin.