7 Tips for Thick Hair Growth Only a Handful of People Follow

by Viviscal Canada Hair Expert on August 2nd, 2017
7 tips for growing thicker hair

In this article, we’ll discuss our tips for glossier, thicker hair…tips that most women simply are not following. If you’re looking for an article on how to grow hair thicker in a week, this isn’t it. But if you want to know how to get truly thicker, healthier hair from within, this article is for you.

Avoid Shampoo with SLS or SLES

Shampoo will always play a part in how well your hair grows. When it comes to choosing the best shampoo, avoid harsh chemicals and detergents like SLS or SLES.

SLS and SLES act as detergents that can strip your hair of its natural oils. Keeping those oils in your hair is important. That’s one of the main reasons why you should not be washing your hair everyday. Get rid of these detergents or else your hair will dry out.

A good shampoo can be the difference between dull, lifeless hair and healthy, shiny hair that you’ll love to show off.

Keep Your Roots Happy

It seems like common sense, but healthy hair growth starts at the roots. Take care of your hair follicles to ensure that your hair strands are healthy.

Your follicles are at their strongest when your blood is circulating as it should. Good blood circulation allows for the nutrients in your diet to travel up to your scalp and into your follicles. Make sure your diet is balanced with hair growth nutrients, including biotin, iron and zinc, to help feed your follicles and keep them healthy.

Remember — strong roots mean strong hair. One of the best ways to make sure your scalp is getting the blood circulation it needs is to get regular scalp massages.

Essential Oils + Scalp Massages

Essential oils are a secret weapon among women with healthy hair. They’re even better when paired with a nice, long scalp massage. This will do a few things for your healthy hair:

  • Clean your scalp to create a healthy growth environment
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Keep your hair moisturized and glossy

The skin on your scalp is very thin, so it doesn’t take much to stimulate it. We recommend horsetail plant extract oil, jojoba oil, or even high-quality olive oil in small amounts. Dry hair will never grow as well as it could if it was properly moisturized.

Try massaging a teaspoon (or less) of oil into your hair and scalp 1-2 times a week. Use the pads of your fingers to apply a small amount of oil to different parts of your scalp. Work it in using slow, circular motions. Really work it into your scalp, enjoy the scents, and relax!

Thick, Curly Hair Needs More Moisture

Although most hair growth advice works for women of many different hair types, women with naturally thick and curly hair have a few unique problems.

Thick, curly hair is more prone to drying out. So pay attention to moisture levels. Deep conditioning treatments once or twice a month can help minimize hair breakage, and even help relax tight curls slightly. Between treatments, use extra-moisturizing oils. Castor oil is a thick, effective oil that prevents split ends. While jojoba oil is a great daily moisturizer for women of all hair types.

Reduce Friction Wherever Possible

When it comes to hair growth, take care of wet hair. It’s extremely fragile and prone to breaking — exactly what you don’t want when aiming for thick hair growth.

A lot of the time, we’re not aware of what we’re doing to hair during our everyday routine. Simple things like blow-drying, tying it back into a ponytail or even sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can cause friction and breakage.

So avoid friction at all costs. Instead of cotton or microfiber, opt for satin or sateen sheets. If you’ve worn your hair tied back in a ponytail for a few days, give it a couple days down and relaxed so the strands aren’t stressed. And do not blow-dry and heat-style your hair every single day — take a break from the high heat every once in awhile.

Embrace Hair Growth Supplements

You know the importance of diet for hair growth, but let’s be honest. It can difficult to eat all the right foods with all the right nutrients every single day.

That’s why we’re so glad to have hair supplements. Daily vitamins are great for your general health, but you need a supplement designed specifically for hair if you want to see the best results.

When looking for a hair health supplement to promote thicker hair, make sure it includes key hair vitamins and nutrients like biotin, niacin, and iron. We recommend trying Viviscal Extra Strength hair supplement. It’s drug-free and contains the healthy-hair nutrients that follicles need.

Remember that the best way to get thick hair growth is to approach it from all angles. It’s not just the products you use, or your diet. True hair growth happens when everything is balanced. And remember it won’t happen in a week — stick with it!